DNA Testing for Immigration

DNA Testing for Immigration

DNA testing is used to verify the biological relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary most commonly used for Visa applications for Citizenship or adoption. DNA testing is commonly used to establish paternity, maternity, siblingship, half-siblingship, paternal or maternal grandparents. DNA testing is reliable and is accepted as proof when completed by an AABB accredited Lab. DNA testing can be used as proof when no other documentation is available. Legal DNA immigration testing is only accepted by the USCIS by AABB accredited labs. Onsite Drug Testing and Consulting is an accredited immigration testing AABB lab.

DNA testing can be done with a number of bodily fluids and tissues. The most common way of testing DNA is an buccal (oral mouth) swab of the cheek. Pregnant mothers who are in their first trimester of pregnancy can establish paternity of their unborn child by blood test. Blood tests are safe for the mother and unborn child with accuracy.

How do I get Immigration DNA Testing at OnSITE Drug Testing and Consulting?

1. Get your paperwork from USCIS or U.S. Embassy that requests DNA evidence of the claimed relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary.

2. Walk in to OnSITE DrugTesting and Consulting with your paperwork and submit for testing.

3. Once the reports have been generated, we will send the results to the immigration attorney or back to the donor. Expedited services are available for an additional charge.