Excited About the New Member of Your Family?

Excited About the New Member of Your Family?

Find out the gender of your child with our gender reveal testing in Little Canada, MN

Have a little one on the way? In addition to on-site drug testing and instant drug testing, OnSITE Drug Testing & Consulting in Little Canada, MN offers gender reveal testing. We use the Peakaboo Pro Early Detection Gender DNA Test to provide accurate results quickly.

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Learn more about the Peakaboo PRO

Want to know more about our gender test? We use the Peakaboo PRO because it allows you to:

  • Get testing at an affordable cost - this test's low cost makes it popular
  • Have accurate results - this DNA testing process has a 99.5% accuracy rate
  • Get results early - you can find out your baby's gender in as soon as seven weeks
The Peakaboo PRO is also the only early gender reveal testing kit endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association. If you're interested in the testing method, reach out to us today.