Some of our clients must comply with the Department of Transportation's complicated rule 49 CFR Part 40. The associated regulations are complex, hard to read, and difficult to navigate. Our friendly staff works with you, to ensure that your policies and procedures are compliant. We develop a customised programs for our DOT clients.

Drug Testing

Urine drug test kits detect up to the past two months of drug use and used for Random and Pre-Employment drug screening in workplaces. Hair drug tests show drug usage over a longer time period potentially signaling an individual's habitual drug use. For that reason, while relatively new, hair drug screening is quickly becoming a popular choice among employers, courts and governmental agencies.

Background Screening

We provide background check services for companies seeking information for job applicants and current employees. Whether you need criminal background checks, MVR's or a more specific background check, we can accommodate your request.


Companies under DOT Department of Transportation regulations are required to comply with federal requirements for random testing. We offers customized randomization programs based on DOT requirements. For larger companies a stand alone pool may be sufficient to ensure the appropriate frequency of testing for your employees.

For smaller companies, a national consortium pool is the best option. A national consortium ensures your employees are part of a random drug testing pool while providing the advantages of a larger pool size, including reducing the frequency of testing for smaller companies.

Drug Testing Policy

DOT-regulated Organizations, must meet specific federal requirements, which vary depending on the modes of transportation. A very specific drug and alcohol testing program is the first critical piece of a DOT program. We offers nationwide testing services with collection services available 24/7.

Employer/Employee Training

Do you need assistance creating a training program or handbook for your employer and employees? We offer a step-by-step consultation for a wide range of programs.

OnSITE Drug Testing and Consulting

A Certified Disabled Veteran-Owned and Operated Company.

For the past 12 years, we have served the Midwest area as a trusted drug and alcohol testing service. Our goal is to make it easier for designated employer representatives (DER), Supervisors, and Business Owners to focus on their jobs. Our Staff bring years of expertise in safety-sensitive workplaces including DOT, FAA, Manufacturing, Government and many other industries.

We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you are never left in a bind.

Our Benefits

  • 24/7 Dispatch for Emergency Post-accident or Suspicious Workplace Misconduct
  • DOT and Drug and Alcohol Testing Subject-Matter Expertise
  • Mobile Testing at Customer Sites
  • Client-focused Project Management
  • Convenient Walk-in Clinic
  • CHILDGUARD® Drug Exposure Testing